The painful game (semi-rant)

There are days when people just seem to not like others. They get overfly defensive, and challenge everything, even when you haven’t said a word. Yep, those times seem to happen often in my life. I try to understand … to no avail. All I can say is that I understand that life is not all fluffy and soft. But you know what, I really don’t care to dwell on that fact, and there are certain opinions that don’t mean shit to me when all I try to do is quietly represent love. Life is a battle between body and mind, pain and peace. Myself, well,  I’ll go to my last days scarred, limping and proud, a battle-tested warrior with steel eyes and a little grin. Is that cocky? Damn right it is. ‘Cause I know that pain is part of the game, a game that I WILL win….


3 responses to “The painful game (semi-rant)

  1. You are me and I am you. AMEN! (not quite out the door yet)

    There is a “thought” that tormented me, and now know, is NOT true. The “thought” is that those around you reflect you. That drove me nuts for so many times, I saw ugliness that I just knew was not me. I went inward and walked in my Inner Garden. There I was told my Light was bringing darkness to the surface for those others to see, for those others to catch, and for those others to change. I was ONLY the means to the end.

    Yes, we are all connected. BUT! Free will reigns here on this planet. Which means, what one person chooses is that person’s responsilibity not mine. (and not yours)

    Hope this helped, Erik. xxoo, Amy


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