For a Faith that believes that a wizard-like, long-bearded man held a staff and made the oceans part; for a Faith that believes that a man could turn water to wine and turn a staff into a serpent, and the myriad of other things … they sure do judge magick harshly. Magick–it is simply calling on powers of the universe, and using them for a purpose. Whether that purpose be dark or light, it is in the hand of the beholder, and magick should not be judged by the actions of one. So I plead to those to lighten up a bit, and accept the fact that you already believe in magick. Don’t be Β hypocritical.



18 responses to “Hypocritical

  1. Erik, sounds like some are giving you a hard time. What people don’t understand, they fear. Simple as that. Look beyond the action and see the heart. When it is lacking, projecting occurs. Just the word “majick” and the spelling of that word, brings to some subconsciousnesses “evil”.

    Just stay steady the course, keep walking in Love, and treat those who don’t understand with kindness. Those with the greatest fear cling to boxes the tightest.

    All there is, IS Love. Anything else is an illusion.

    FYI…..I again am working with Runes. It feels as though I have come full circle.
    xxoo …. I send you my Love. All is Love.


    • Nope, all is well, nobody is giving me a hard time. I just thought I’d post something I have always pondered. In fact, I really take no heed as to others’ opinions on the subject of magick, for that is simply a waste of my time. I’m staying the course, Amy, thanks πŸ™‚ And I will always use kindness as a first resort, though I will defend my honor if need be. For I will not be a sheep in a flock of wolves. We must be tough at times. And trust, as you said, that Love is all. I’m glad to hear that you’re working with the Runes. May they assist your opening of the veil. So much love for you, Amy. xxoo


  2. I believe that a man with a staff could part an ocean, I believe that water can be turned into wine, I believe in Magick, and I believe that the man we call Jesus was a great magician that called upon the powers of the universe and used them for good… probably why he was hung on a cross and a religion was made. Can’t have the people possessing real power now can we (sarcasm)?
    I agree people need to LIGHTen up πŸ™‚


    • How refreshing it is to hear that your views are the same as mine. Exactly the same. And at the risk of offending others I would just like to add that thousands of people back then were hung to their torturous deaths from crosses. He was one of those victims. The reason I say this is because it still confuses me why people hang that symbol around their neck. Let me give a comparison–If a man were to be sentenced to death by an electric chair, and before he dies he says that I’m doing this for all of you, would we then hang the electric chair symbol of death around our necks? I just don’t get it.


      • Loved what wunderwench had to say!! When WILL people just accept people for who they are? And, Erik, you have a good point about the cross. I have one, but no longer wear one. My thinking goes along the same lines as yours. xxoo


        • Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with the cross in my opinion, as long as we know all the details about it. Many of my friends wear one in fact, and it’s not my right to say a word about it. Let all be free. It’s all good. xxoo


          • It comes down to acceptance. We each are entitled to what we believe and think, even if sometimes those are befuddled, due to the deceptions and forced values set upon us in our impressive years.

            Jesus has been my “friend” my entire life. I can tell you with absolute conviction, he would rather not be remembered by a crucifix. Too much “suffering is the way to enlightenment” thoughtology behind it, if you ask me, and I know he would say the same thing. Just my two cents worth. (smile) Jesus is about laughter and LOVE. Not death. xxoo


          • I understand completely, though personally I do not follow the same Faith, since the written word of man can be untrustworthy, twisted for their own motivations. Laughter and Love, yes, I’m sure that is what he was about. As am I, and the Gods and Goddesses that guide my path. xxoo


          • I too do not follow man’s faith. There is only One True Faith. I have no name for “It”. I just follow. I know the Voice. I am being taught to think and be more then 3D by NOT putting names on Intelligent Energy. xxoo


      • I understand the wearing of the empty cross as it symbolizes our ultimate power over death but I admit crucifixes kinda creep me out. And now, soon to cover store shelves in celebration of the Easter holiday, we have little chocolate crosses to nibble on… oh how delicious! (weird, just weird) Sadly enough, if they were told the story enough times I am sure they would wear the electric chair proudly as well…. it is so messed up and I could write a book on my opinions of it all… but I digress… I do appreciate you writing and point of view πŸ™‚


        • Yep, it’s weird all right. And I agree that I could write a book on that. However, in my opinion, it is a subject best left alone, for that would just fuel the fire. Thank for such wonderful insight, I do appreciate it. πŸ™‚


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