Unfair stigma

He is super-intelligent, full of mysterious life, connected to things we do not understand, or even consider. In ancient times he was used as a messenger bird to deliver messages across countries and oceans, without complicated guidance training. He works with us and for us. He enchants me. They blink at me and talk to me with their mystical voices every morning from the treetops and in the forested yard. And I wonder why they should be looked upon as a representation of darkness simply because the color of the body? After a bit of research, I now know the reason that the raven came to be known as such, and it is not fair.



14 responses to “Unfair stigma

    • That he is … and I could go on and on about this wonderful subject you brought up, but I must save it for my “fiction” πŸ™‚ Thank you for delving so deeply into the definition. xxoo


  1. I know you are talking about Ravens but these are birds of the same feather:

    Seven Crows

    They wound their way on a mythology of wind
    Currents off the sea, seven crows for seven days
    Refused to settle in tree or ground until the old man
    Who lived off the coast retired to his bed, thoughts
    Of farming, fame and fortunes no longer worried him.
    He saw the time had come to release himself in sleep.

    Eight crows fly now in widening flights on winds
    Retelling stories their lives have known to be true
    But now mixed with taller tales that began the world.



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