Your child is quiet

When I was a young boy, I was a quiet one, a thinker, sitting for hours at a time in the yard or wherever. Now, all too often in young people, the trait of contemplation is mistakenly labeled as brooding, and even some sort of introversion. My parents even went so far as to attempt to find some sort of medication for my “brooding” state. But I refused. For I wasn’t brooding at all, in fact I was happy, though my face might not have shown that. Over time, I grew into a man, still contemplating, still thinking, and moved away from family, for I could not handle the overly watchful eyes. The reason I write this is to ask all the parents out there who have quiet children to look deeper, look beyond the popular opinion thrown out there by pharmaceutical companies. Maybe your child is not brooding, melancholy, or depressed. Maybe he or she is a thinker. Maybe he or she is a writer waiting to bloom, gathering intellectual material for the future. Try to understand your child, and then nourish their silent talents. Β They will thank you for it, and they will be closer to you for life. Love.


4 responses to “Your child is quiet

  1. I was so much like this too. My favorite spot as a child was sitting in the hall of the family home…all the doors shut save the one to the bathroom. There was a nightlight that plugged into the wall that had an odd orange light to it. I would sit ans stare at that light for long periods of time and just…wander and think and ponder. My family thought I was crazy. But it was my world, and it is what saved me, and lives now in my writing.

    Too much power is given today to the word “busy”. Masterpieces and miracles have been born from a lazy afternoon napping in the sun. πŸ™‚


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