First installment on runes. This will be part of a new page to come.

An introduction to runes, paraphrased from a book by Edred Thorsson (FUTHARK)

The first step in understanding rune lore is the understanding of the concept rune. A rune is not merely a letter in an old Germanic alphabet, but rather it bears the primary definition of “secret”, or “mysterium.” The modern Germanic cognate is raunen, to whisper. For the rune vitki, the signs take on a much richer and more expanded meaning that reveals their true nature and power as well as their historical and cosmic significance. The vitki sees a highly complex nature in the forms of the runes, a process and flow of force and energy. Runes describe energy flows and states as related to the self, to the planet, and ultimately to the mulitverse. The origin of the runic shapes and mysteries they represent are timeless, and “came into being” with the emergence of the Nine Worlds out of Ginnungagap. In fact, the runes precede the arising of animate beings in the Worlds. Mythically, Odin is the first being to be fully initiated into the runic mysteries; that is, he first extracted the rune wisdom and formulated it within his being in such a way that it could be communicated to other beings. This initiatory myth is represented in the Poetic Edda, in the song called Havamal:

I know, that I hung
on the windy tree
all of the nights nine,
wounded by spear
and given to Odin;
myself to myself,
on that tree,
which no man knows,
from what roots it rises.
They dealt me no bread
nor drinking horn,
I looked down,
I took up the runes
I took them screaming,
I fell back from there. 
(Havamal 138-139)

This describes the initiatory process of the shamanistic type, in which the initiate passes through the Nine Worlds of the World-Tree. At that moment the initiate receives the entire body of rune wisdom, and it is etched into his or her being. In the next instant, the initiate returns to Midgard (Earth) with the rune wisdom permanently encoded and ready for use and communication.


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    I hope you are riding the wind yet pausing every once in awhile to listen the whispers…
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    Take Care Erik, You Matter…
    just me
    (love this music… 🙂 )


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