The ugliest emotion that we don’t have time for….

In our opinion, jealousy is the ugliest emotion in the world. The way we see it, if a person is going to betray, there is nothing we can do, so we don’t waste time on that useless emotion. We love, for all the days we can, living in the moment with gratitude. Tomorrow doesn’t exist. Love now.



17 responses to “The ugliest emotion that we don’t have time for….

  1. Yes, sometimes it can’t be helped to feel jealousy (after all we are human) but we just need to remain level headed and find out why we are feeling jealous before it turns ugly.


  2. I think one can feel extreme hurt and pain from another’s actions without ever feeling jealousy.
    I love your thoughts on jealousy though. I just want to note a major difference.



    • Very true, though that is another thing I separate myself from. For I have come to learn that allowing another’s actions to cause me pain, simply diverts my focus on what is important: love. Therefore I go inside and communicate with guides in silence. Pain is an emotion, one I refuse to allow into my life.


      • I can understand that completely, but there are levels of pain beyond one’s control per se.
        When my brother was killed, I felt pain like no other. I had to go through the natural stages of grief in order to heal. I tried to run from it; it didn’t work out too well for me.

        Cheers Erik.


        • I am sorry to hear that, truly. And I have gone through that type of pain about loss, of course, for I am human. I feel for you, and understand. However (no offense) but in my opinion, no emotion is beyond control. I have worked long and hard to understand this. Death does not pain me, for it is a parcel of reality that we cannot do anything about, and it is merely a beginning to something else. I don’t consider it running, I consider it acceptance of all that is. But that’s just me. Please understand that I am not trying to be snide, I sympathize with your experiences, for that is the general opinion of which I do not deny. Love.

          Cheers to you, Darling.


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