For years I have pondered about this thing we call “pain.” My opinion is not widely accepted, and yet I do not care. For it is an expedition in understanding that particular state of the human mind. Here is that opinion. Pain is simply an emotion. I know people will argue with this opinion, so please don’t attempt to sway my views. Throughout history there were those that challenged public opinion, steadfast and strong, until finally a bit  of truth was revealed. What is pain? When we are betrayed by a friend or loved one, pain is the result of fear and a feeling of personal mental injury “Why did he/she hurt me?” Hurt you? Only we can define whether we are hurt or not. When we lose a loved one to death, pain becomes fear for them, confusion about reality, and, dare I say, a bit of selfishness in loss for ourselves. In the case of physical injury, pain is a warning that the body is in danger. Now, save for taking care of the injury, I do not waste time with that aspect of pain, for this simple reason: Ultimately, physical pain is a deep-seeded fear of death and the mystery of what is next, if anything. Death cannot be changed. So why fear it? I grit my teeth, look to the sky, and say, “Not yet you don’t … unless you do,” and then I smile. Then it seems that “pain” begins to understand that it has met a worthy foe, so it backs off. Pain. It is simply an emotion … that can be controlled. That is what I have learned over a lifetime of pondering and challenging the “normal” state of the human mind. Now I’ll stop babbling 🙂


4 responses to “Pain?

  1. Pain with a purpose is easier to take when you understand the purpose. But I do disagree about emotional pain, because heartache is incredibly difficult to control. Kudos to anyone who can escape life without that special brand of pain. It is powerful enough to change who you are. Of course, you give it that power, but because it is strong, domineering, and demands it. To stand up to heartache and deny it takes a very unique kind of determination. Good for you! I am not that capable.


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