I didn’t mean to scare it

I went to the store on my Harley yesterday, and when I was pulling into the parking lot I saw a cute little Honda Rebel motorcycle. I pulled into the parking space next to it and the Honda seemed to get nervous. If fact when I revved the Harley’s growl a bit, I think the Honda pissed itself out the cute little tailpipe. Aww, I didn’t mean scare it, the poor little Honda.



22 responses to “I didn’t mean to scare it

  1. my dad drives a Harley .. I ask him one day why he never drove anything else his answer was …. why the heck I want to drive a rice machine ? I that it was very funny lol


  2. Aww now, play nice. When taking our son to his first major bike rally he got separated from us while hunting a place to park. My husband found a spot for the big ol’ Harley while the boy had to lap the field looking for a place. He was thrilled to no end when a big group told him to “put that little Rebel here next to our Harleys”. Such a rush for 14 year old to be accepted by the bigger bike club riders. And yeah, down here he could ride legally at 14. The Rebel was his second bike. The first was a used Yamaha. Parents who ride raise kids who ride.


    • Yeah, I know, and I do so agree with you about the camaraderie. We’re a family. Still, I coulda sworn I saw that little Rebel get nervous, and like I said, I didn’t mean to scare the little guy.


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