Please stop. Rant.

Maybe someday I will stop getting those messages and comments that prod me to believe in “The one true god. He is the only way to the light…” … and this and that and this again. Please. Stop. My gods and goddesses are getting impatient with the vanity of such people who think that they know all that ever was. Now, by all means worship what you wish, I’m all for that. Love is universal. But don’t tell me that is the only way, and that you KNOW it. For that is simply conjecture that I do not have time, or the patience for. All right, I’m out of breath. No offense intended. I’ll get back to work now.


16 responses to “Please stop. Rant.

  1. Things I try to avoid discussing is …. politics and religion …. My beliefs and values ​​are, I often to myself when it comes to these two topics … the best so … Hope all is well with you .. Love from Sweden …


  2. yes PLEASE.. if you knew how many haiku are sitting here about this.LOL
    i was making a joke & someone actually wrote a post yesterday if a man leaves his wife to marry you, he is an adulterer…LOL.. it was a joke someone said to me… every single day at least 4 people try to change my religion just here.


    • An adulterer huh? And I suppose that definition means he and you will burn for eternity, unless you change your beliefs, ask for forgiveness, repent and get “reborn” then you can skip around in the flowers with a clear conscience. And yep, 4 times a day sounds about right for me as well. I wonder if they realize how ridiculous they sound, like fanatics in need of medication. Whoops, that was my opinion sneaking out, I probably shouldn’t have said that. Oh well πŸ™‚


  3. Everyone has a RIGHT to believe in what they believe in! Darn, when are humans going to get it through their thick skulls there are MANY Paths to Source? Yeegads!


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