Introducing Jules, the main character in book 3 (A short introduction)

Trisha, in those white jeans, pumps and a fitted blouse, arrived with little Jules by her side. Jules looked just like her mother, with the little white jeans and blouse, black hair tickling her shoulders, wide green eyes alight. At the sight of Amy, Jules tore away from Trish, streaked across the room saying, “Aunt Amy, Aunt Amy …!” and jumped into Amy’s waiting arms.

After receiving the most delicious neck hug, Amy held Jules on her hip, little legs dangling.

“I missed you, Aunt Amy. Do the bunny nose thing.” Amy scrunched and twitched her nose. Jules giggled. She played with Amy’s earring. “These are pretty. Mommy said you were on angel vacation. Did you help people?”

Amy gave a look to Taryn, who grinned, and Amy answered Jules, “I helped a few.”

“That’s good. I saw you on the TV in a pretty white dress. Uncle Jake said you were getting married to him. You were feeding duckies. I even gave them pizza.”

Across the room Jake said, “It took me a half hour to clean the screen.”

“Sorry, Uncle Jake,” said the frown of Jules.

Jake gave her a wink. Jules tried to return the wink but both her eyes scrunched up, which earned a giggle from Amy. After a time, regretfully, Amy let Jules down to run about the house and play with the puppies out back….

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