Time to recharge

So after years of fashioning this series, I have decided to take a 3-month vacation between books. Once the first book is published (next month), I will then take 3 months to gather and organize the many journals, plan for the future of the story, clear off the dry-erase board, read tons of novels, have some fun on the Harley, and other types of fun 🙂 … and then fire up the coffee pot and get rolling again. It seems that the time span between novels (published) will be 1 1/2 years, which is perfectly fine by me, being that I spent 2 years writing the first of the series. Anyway, I hope the reader understands the wait. On a side note: The first book’s font has been downsized from 12 pt to 11.2, in order to keep the page count down to a reasonable level.  The novel is now 450 pages. The reason I mention this is that I realize that some might prefer a large-print novel. If so, you will have to wait a few months. So there it is. I’m looking forward to the break; haven’t had one in, well, it’s been so long I can’t remember.


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