A message from Freyja to the Roses

Now I will give you a bit of advice. Taryn, you will have a life of magic with your man. Savor it fully and you will be flooded with absolute ecstasy derived from the very energy that formed the Nine Worlds. Remember, promises and vows keep loved ones connected, not just in the little blip of time you call life there on Midgard, but forever travelling the Worlds together. Amelia and Katie will teach you how to use the Inguz mirror to come visit with me. Also, Taryn, I need to tell you that we have met before, and we will meet again, for we have always been one. Many do not believe in past lives, and to that I must say; you do not remember being born from your mother, and yet here you are. Your family is mine. You are all my Daughters of The Rose. My tiers of time. Never forget that I love you all so very much. To lovely days, and peaceful nights. Love always, my Roses. Love always….



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