The cat I adore

I absolutely love the cat; in fact you could say I have a cat addiction.
There is nothing better than gently stroking the silky softness;
Giving them loving kisses;
Hearing them purrrrr in utter pleasure.
Mmm, gawd, yesss … I adore the cat.
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20 responses to “The cat I adore

  1. I don’t know what I would do without my cats. Molly who snuggles with me on the couch. Karma who snuggles with me when I am crying. Bella who sleeps cuddled with me head to head every night. Rusty who thinks my feet are mice and pounce. Ouch! Doodles who tells me stories. Whispers who needs Mommy hugs when he comes from being outdoors. Cuddles who does art with my toilet paper. Prinny who smiles when she gives me a good pee and poo. Rocky who bosses me as does Max. Sassy who sits on my lap when I type and gets her tail in the way of my screen. Cookie who sleeps on another pillow on my bed every night. Charlie and Meaghan who act scared of me but at times just roll all over the rug when I touch them. Did I miss anyone? Hehhehehehehe Yep, me. I’m cat. All the way. xxoo, Amy


      • Cats (and their owners) are wonderful. Thankfully they are generous if treated with respect and love. Ride on, young man and take the back roads. Kitties love the scenery. Enjoy each other. That’s what it’s all about.


        • So loving and generous, yes. I live in total respect, admiration and adoration of them. She is my treasure. And yes, they do love the scenery. I will ride on, thank you, and I will know that I am blessed. Have a great weekend.


  2. Then they die and you mourn the rest of your life! LOL Just joking sort of! Love of animals means a lot. Just like the mistreatment of animals is a sign of mental illness. I love animals also and still missing my Issie but that another story for another time…. claudy


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