From the voice of life,
A message is told,
A hidden guide that whispers:

What do you hear?
What do you see?
But only that which can be clear,
In the meager minds of the physical.

Yes, that fickle force.
It is there, my children.
Holding the secrets,
To which you keep,
Even from yourself.

But how do you listen?
In an age of distraction,
Of obsession with strife,
Disguised as entertainment.

Ah, but I breathe, you see.
Inside, I wait,

Smile with patience.
For time does not apply,
In the millennial web of existence.
Time is YOUR creation.

Life, as I am, grin at time;
Leer at strife;
Smile at your progress.
Because I know,
Soon, eyes will open,
To see a truth,
That never lies.

“Ah,” Life sighs from the shining stars above, barely able to contain the joy as it observes us in the palm of its hand, “Do not fret, my pet. You are Becoming. Becoming what you always were–Me. Life. Oh, what a celebration that awaits. Have patience. For you cannot change, that which cannot be changed. Let it be, and I will welcome thee. Yes, you are perfect. Perfect. Oh so very perfect … Just look at you. Cells within cells; worlds within worlds. Yet you do not realize. You are Becoming. You are preparing to break from the cocoon, stretch your wings and fly to places beyond your wildest fantasies….

In faith  that truth will be clear one day
Welcome your Becoming,
Who you already are….

Together as One.


–Becoming–Erik S. Lehman


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