Wet bliss (adult, mature eyes only)

Time slid by, in position after position, a symphony of divine indulgence playing on satin sheets, moistened bodies hungering for the next angle of pleasure, rigid and wet as one, while hearts thundered like drums in their orchestra of love….

Lust climbed to a crescendo.

So the man above drove, lifting high from his length, plunging down to the depths of her heat as though in attempt to pound her dainty body through the mattress, through the floor and to the other side of Earth….

She had to feel him explode. She begged, pleaded in great wails of desperation, andβ€”

He slammed to a halt against her.

A mighty ROAR joined a SCREAM of passion even as she felt molten heat erupting within her, and they came together in flesh-shuddering spasms of wet bliss.…


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