An interesting article I read (from The Nerdy Feminist)

You’d Be a Lot Prettier If…

… All I’m saying is that I fail to see what we gain from our tendency to buy into a very narrow, limited notion of beauty. The more I think about it, the madder I get at just how many people it leaves out. And I think it’s pretty obvious that reducing a woman’s worth to her physical appearance is extremely problematic. Not only is it objectifying when it’s done to you, but it can have a devastating effect on one’s self esteem, when internalized. Especially given that even the “prettiest” models are so heavily photoshopped that they don’t look like themselves.

Besides, things like self-expression and our bodies are deeply personal decisions. If you don’t like the way a person looks–be it because she has too many tattoos or pounds for your taste–here’s a novel thought: keep your opinions to yourself. Chances are she’s not doing it for you anyway.


7 responses to “An interesting article I read (from The Nerdy Feminist)

  1. Even with physical appearance, there seems to be a very narrow definition of what’s “beautiful” or “hot.” So many people beyond that narrow cast can be beautiful, on the inside and out.


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