Shameless promotion of a romance novelist

It’s almost time for some shameless promotion. So here is the business card. I read an interesting blog post recently that stated “book promotion is war”. So here ya go: Picture this: Leather-clad me on my Harley with a stack of business cards, going about my daily routine of stopping at diners, or wherever, smiling and handing out cards. So this is war, eh? Well, I’m a Son of Thorne, a romance novelist who represents love and the war to protect such … and I’m ready. Get your umbrellas out, ’cause a grizzle-bearded Thorne on a Harley is comin’ … and it’s gonna be rainin’ cards, baby.





22 responses to “Shameless promotion of a romance novelist

      • No problem. It is a done deal–though I have asked people to link to your sight for likes and comments many do not seem to get the idea of re-blogging so I’ll give you a daily count over the next couple of days. You are at about 4 as of now. >KB You might talk to Charles Yalowitz at Lengends of Widemere he is alwatys willing to help. If you can’t find him let me know and I will get his site address for you.


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