Just over four decades ago I was thinking about taking an internship. “How difficult could it be?” I asked myself. “It can’t be that hard to be a human, after all, all they do is walk around on a spinning blue globe behind a brick wall that keeps them in a semblance of  ‘reality’. It must be peaceful. It’s not like the hectic schedule of dealing with the other eight Worlds. So what the heck, let’s see how this goes.” Thus, I decided to take an internship as a human … and I was wrong. It is definitely NOT easy; but after four decades on Midgard I have come to appreciate the simple gifts of this life. All the struggle and brain stresses are worth it. I’m still learning in this internship, and I’m sure the lessons will continue until my time here is done. Until then, I’ll write about Home–a splendorous place where the air is redolent with the sweet fragrance of roses, a place where Love is prevalent–and I will call it fiction. No, I’ll never forget my internship on a round blue ship … as a fault-ridden human. Someday I will return Home, M’Lady of Love. For now I must do your bidding. Love.



14 responses to “Internship

    • Ah, you caught me 🙂 One little word can screw up all meaning. I just spewed this out in ten minutes, without paying attention. Thanks for keeping me on my toes, KB.


      • I was going to say. I’d love to have a writing intern–have them answer most of my email in exchange for teaching them to write descent poetry. Do you know anyone of here that would like to have a mentor. Even if they are just beginning, someone who has the desire to be a writer., Idon’t want to put it out there in public for fear of getting bombarded and then pissing a lot of people off. >KB


        • In fact, yes, I have quite a few in mind. I will keep an ear open, and try to determine who would be in willing-want of a mentor (you know how budding writers are a sensitive lot and how they struggle with ego). That is a great idea. I’ll keep in touch.


          • Thanks. My critical style is very caring but concise. I give suggestiuons as well as take things out. It has to be someone who can work on their own and they must be serious. If you think of someone have them read my About Me page and my poetry journal and poems before they decide. I can also give them references of people I have worked with. Thanks. I would like to begin a relationship before I return to posting on my site in full swing. Also, I really would like someone who uses punctuation. It is very annoiying to read stuff that gives no signalks. Thanks. >KB


          • I understand completely. They must be serious, and have what I consider to be important tools: the proper use of punctuation. I agree that that is a very annoying experience to read something without punctuation: it drags me out of the piece. I will use my best judgment as to whom would be a good fit for you, and I will lead them to your page. Also, if you happen to notice any glaring mistakes I might make (please understand that I do not take the blog as seriously as my fiction, especially in comments), I would greatly appreciate the pointing out of such. Thank you. ~ Erik


  1. Thanks, Fee (I hope you don’t mind me calling you that; it does have a special meaning). Anyway, I’m glad you like this message I cast forth through the veil. I know you know. ❤


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