Without chains

I have lived in places around the country where life seems to be more difficult, where the focus is on mere survival, where love and kindness are lacking. As I witnessed such surroundings that induce strife, anarchy, mental ailments and melancholy, I began contemplating the reasons why the residents of such places do not relocate to a more peace-friendly environment. Then I correlated their existence in a general sense to all living beings (we are all animals) and came to this conclusion: Animals learn to love their cage, and money is an iron chain clamped around the ankles of a bleeding soul. I am thankful to be a wanderer without chains.


9 responses to “Without chains

  1. Well when put that way, it makes one consider the possibility of chewing off their own limb to be free… 🙂 sorry about that image lol money does strange things to people.


    • I would do that without hesitation to keep my freedom, then sit at a forested campsite and carve a new limb from a hunk of wood … with a smile 🙂 Money is necessary, but not as much as most people think, IMO. 🙂 Thanks for this Kelly, it made me chuckle. 🙂


  2. I have nominated you for the beautiful blogger award. I was not sure if you accept these or not but if you wish to, go to my blog from earlier today for details . If you don’t do these, I do hope it gave you a smile:)


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