I went to Hells and back

The last fourteen years has been a journey, an odyssey leading up to my Now. You see, I have traveled to Hells and back–starting with a horror novel about the depths of darkness (Sustenance; Dark Reign 2001), then to another story (unpublished), and then another amateurish novel  (Young adult about angels; Wings of Boden). After that, my ultimate destination started to become clear–study, meditation, and professionalism was required to advance my path, to improve my Orlog. Thus, Daughters of The Rose was born in the deep recesses of mind, where I traipsed the landscape in search of my ancestral roots; where I connected with the Nine Worlds; the Aesir and Vanir, who had always been waiting for me. Many years it took. I paid the dues. Like Odin, I went to Hells and back to find knowledge, to reconnect with my roots, to face fear, to find myself. Now The Lady permeates me with Love and understanding, with the ability to write about the only aspects of life that matter to me: Laughter, Love, Romance and Magic. Now I can settle into a semblance of relaxation … knowing where I belong, and where I am ultimately headed. No matter the monetary outcome, I am at peace, smiling, knowing that I survived the journey and collected a bit of wisdom along the way. Love.



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