Mind is all; it is where they live …

So many metaphysical books are written in complicated language and filled with formulaic methods. It doesn’t have to be this way. We humans tend to take the simple, analyze it and pick it apart, until it becomes complicated; becomes a study in frustration. The goal of my new works will be to keep the subject matter manageable, to communicate the simplicity of a subject that has been drowned by “intelligent” words and fanciful methods that are not needed, so the reader might understand that there is no reason to over think something until it dies bleeding in a ditch.

A bit about my new endeavor:

To put it simply: My booklets will cover the Aesir and Vanir, one at a time. Gods and Goddesses–where are they? I’ll say this: They are not beings in the sky; or cartoon characters that materialize out of thin air. This is not Hollywood. This is life. Let me put it this way–the Mind is all. Psychology is the key. The Nine Worlds and the inhabitants of such are present as energies that live dormant in the Mind, in undiscovered rooms on the branches of a neural tree. Energies that occupy those rooms have the potential to influence Universal energies that permeate all of existence. These booklets will assist the interested reader in the discovery of those rooms (Worlds) of the Mind, and how to travel the neural pathways that lead to such places (that is my definition of astral travel). It is simple psychology, a Jung sort of psychotherapy. Because without Mind there is no perception; without perception, nothing exists to us.

Back to the subject matter: Gods and Goddesses are there for us; we are descended from them; we are part of them. So we should be able to communicate with them by simply knowing ourselves, and the powerful tool that lives between our ears. I do not like the term “worship”. The reason being, well, the Gods and Goddesses are family, distant relatives. For example, I would not want to “worship” my great-great Uncle Thor, or some such thing. I don’t believe that He would want that either. They appreciate strength and intelligent living of our life on Midgard (Earth). No self-punishment is required, no guilt-repentance. No herbal concoctions or candles are required … unless such things help you feel the connection, or you think that They would like  it. It is your choice. IE: There is nothing wrong with providing the fragrance of flowers for Freyja; She loves them! And she might give you a big hug in return.

Once again, they are family who care about us; they are friends to learn from. There are no restrictions as to how you choose to communicate with them; it is always your own unique voice that opens the veil to Their Worlds inside. I’ll say it again–the Mind is all. Psychology is the golden key. We will learn to use this key to open rooms and channel the energies of those from whom we are descended. We will learn to use the tools that assist our comprehension. Like walking a dirt path in a forested land, we will hike on a mind-journey, carrying our velvet satchel of tools for guidance, protection, and a myriad of other purposes. For instance: Kenaz (<) is the torch that lights the path for the wanderer, and can also be used to gain access to restricted places.

Furthermore, the booklets will provide detailed information about the gods and goddesses–all their personality traits, likes and dislikes and such, so that you may become acquainted with long-lost relatives; ask them questions; talk to them (Mind), sit down on their couch in their home and have a glass of wine with them; learn from them; let them assist you. They have always been there, waiting for your awareness. Just because they live in Mind, does not make them any less real. How else would we communicate? It is the same in every religion. Though I do not consider this a religion (that word holds negative connotations to me). They are family, our Kinfolk … who wish to welcome you Home.

Whew. All right, I could go on and on and on … but I will give it a rest for now. Sorry for being long-winded, and for the atrocious grammar (I don’t take it seriously on the blog, only in my work), the booklets will not be that way. And I thank you for reading.

Kinfolk cover base5smallforblogframed3




4 responses to “Mind is all; it is where they live …

  1. Very cool. I’ve always thought that to know yourself is to know some kind of divine energy if you believe in that sort of thing. And I appreciate the simplistic approach that you talked about. Just because something is beautiful doesn’t mean it has to be elaborate or complicated or difficult to understand. Nice post. 🙂


    • Thanks, Jen. I’m glad you understand the point I was trying to make. I was a bit long-winded in this, but I couldn’t stop typing. And the grammar was atrocious. I don’t take it that seriously while blogging, only in my work. Thanks again. 🙂


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