A taste of the next (and the first book) Exploration (erotica)

A taste of what the books touch uponย (some erotic scenes). Exploration. Goddesses and Warriors.ย The rightside sketch is a modified version of art by samarelart.com




13 responses to “A taste of the next (and the first book) Exploration (erotica)

      • You sorry? No, I don’t think so! I feel your grin, oh believe me! I’m a “respectable Crone” and here I am getting all hot and bothered. Whew! This Crone seems to be heading back towards youth. At least “she” feels that way. xx


          • …..and YOU just caught me tidying up here ready to go out to my gardens! Tee Hee ….. I really don’t know what is happening to me, BUT, the um feelings are roaring. *eye roll* What next? Pimples? xx


          • Well, today, this energy is going right into Mother Earth. From where I go from there, I don’t know. I am winging this, Erik, as I usually do. Just doing what “feels” or “seems” right. Powerful energy. IF you are feeling what I am, YOU are very fortunate to have Lora. What a LUCKY GUY! (and GAL!) [grin] xx


          • ๐Ÿ™‚ BREAK *huffing and puffing* I wish more would get the concept that you just said, Erik. The Journey is into the Unknown and that is where New Growth is discovered, and Gifts, and Pearls of Wisdom. I’ve been winging it for years, for structure that soffocates, does just that. Yes, we all need structure of some sort because chaos would exist. I like the kind of structure that is liquid in nature, flows, and easy to change when need be. Hmmm….Can you tell I miss yakking? Yesterday was a yakking day, and OH how I loved it. If I do not do this work that is required for gorgeous Petals, the Gifts that await me will not be. I will announce when the RAINY days are here so I can yak. Tee Hee. Thanks for the ear! xx


          • Always a pleasure, Amy. Sometimes I just wanna grab you and give you a great big hug ๐Ÿ™‚ Now go enjoy the work. You will be rewarded for the effort. xx


          • Feeling is mutual. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I put in 3.5 hours. Done. Enough for one day. Number 4 garden finished. IF I looked at the entire picture I would be defeated before I began. I know where I will begin. Towards evening, more pics to take. Perhaps another post today. Or maybe the couch is calling. Hehehehehe xx Give Lora a HUG for me!!!


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