Tears to stain his shirt

He bent to touch his forehead to hers, held it there, those grey eyes inches from her gaze—a gaze she could feel welling—their lashes nearly touching, hot breath mingling. And on that rough voice of his rode a whisper: “It’s always been you. Since the day we met. I’ll never let us go now. Never.” His lips pressed hers.

The world was thrumming, her emotions coalescing in warmth. She felt dizzy, as though looking down from the top of a building, teetering. All feeling had left her legs. Oh, but his lips, those she felt. His scent, it was so … Jim. On the verge of an all-out cry, she whimpered in her throat, her mouth quivering against his….

A bit later Jim picked his keys off the ground, undid the satchel. “Guess I won’t need to carry this around.”

There it was—the contents of the velvet satchel he guarded for as long as she could remember. A magnetic sky drew her gaze. Stars. They struck her breathless. Oh, look at them twinkle with life, dancing, celebrating in a ballroom of vast blackness. Was Freyja doing that? Somewhat dazed, Taryn pried her wet eyes down from the sky to see diamonds catching moonlight. Even as she stared at the ring through a prism of tears, her hand rose slowly, seemingly of its own volition.

Taking her hand in both of his, Jim regarded her, and said at last, “Don’t laugh, but, I’ve been waiting to say this for a long time.” Enchanted, she gave a slow nod, and that deep voice of his added, “Before I met you, I didn’t know how to breathe. Now, I couldn’t breathe without you.” He slid the ring onto her finger with the words: “Tá mo chroí istigh ionat.”

She threw herself onto him, arms around his trunk, her cheek pressed to his chest to feel firm muscle beneath cotton. She caught her breath and quavered the question into his shirt, “What did you say?”

“My heart is within you.”

Feeling that very heart beating so soft in her ear, she smiled larger than ever before, felt her blood coursing with love. How was it possible to feel … to feel so much? As though every cell in her body had awakened from a slumber and now cried out with joy, inducing snuffles, conjuring up tears to stain his shirt….


Daughters of The Rose–Page 321


2 responses to “Tears to stain his shirt

    • Many thanks, I’m so glad you like this little representation of the love that permeates the pages of the book. I always try to let the reader feel everything. It means a lot to me. Enjoy the romance of life.



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