Special copies (art)

After much contemplation, I have decided that I am going to (eventually) offer “special” editions of my book, directly from me. The books purchased here on this site (the page is under construction), will not only include surprise extras and gift wrapping, but they will also cost much less to purchase, compared to buying from a retail outlet. I am excited about this venture, for I wish to infuse the pages with magical love that will never be forgotten. The free book recipients that I mentioned previously will receive one of these special books. It is the small way that I choose to bring love alive, and make it breathe. Yes, the “special” copies are magic; they are alive. Soon they will be available on this site.

Now, I have been asked if the book will be available in ebook form. I have a simple answer for that: No, it will not, for it takes away some of what I wish to represent on the paper harvested from a tree. Ebook format will not allow my artistic design; I cannot accept this, even though it will mean less sales. I don’t care about sales. I care about art. Love.



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