Growth update

An update on the health of my Norfolk Pines. They are doing well, mother and children. I plant a new one every April 22nd (see days of observance page). Just thought I’d share the life on this beautiful day. Click the pics for full size. Love.




9 responses to “Growth update

  1. For years I’ve been collecting Christmas trees, and storing them through the winter to turn brown so they will bring a tall flame to life in the urgency of this season. It was cool to see the other side of the coin, in the planting and watering of your trees. πŸ™‚


      • To clarify, I love baby trees. There is something about the potential, the ability for them to grow so big, yet they are small and vulnerable. I enjoy petting them. Seriously. I pull on their branches, shake their trunks, and smell their oils on my fingers. I figure it’s my role as their caretaker to give them a proper hello, and make them stronger with my embraces. πŸ™‚


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