No shame

The beating heart of an artist does not care about public opinion, or sales. Lack of acceptance means nothing; only proves that unique expression is a brave path to follow, one of honor and strength. See, the artist purges all qualms and fears with their art. There is no shame in a paintbrush or pen. Expression. Creation is not limited by our judgment. All is. From the shocking dark scenes, to the nude themes, to the flowered dreams … all great art is the result of the artist stripping off all constraints, to stand nude without shame for the world to see, and say: This is me, like it or not, that will not change the fact: I AM ART. If you find yourself holding back due to concerns over public opinion, or in want of sales: you have already lost a bit of artistic expression. Take chances. For acceptance and stardom is not the goal. The objective is to see life, to know yourself, to rip open your metaphorical shirt and bare the very soul of your beating heart. You have a unique view of life, show it … without fear. You are a testament to beauty, in every shade.



7 responses to “No shame

  1. There must be no shame is art. I think shame is consequent to art-lessness. If art is from imagination, why should imagination be restricted or made to conform at all? Yet art is artless, artful, and unbarred; pure, free, frank, and vast–endless, eternal, unimaginable. “All is”–as you say.


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