Research is necessary. Seiðrman soon.

It seems that character research takes us down many paths. Now, after years of translating ancient texts, along with rune work and such, I find myself researching the magical study and practice of seiðr, which is/was associated with both the god Oðinn, as well as the goddess Freyja, a member of the Vanir, who was believed to have taught the practice to the Vanir. A character in the Daughters of The Rose series is a practitioner of such, so I must do what I must. I always believe in pushing the limits of the known, without fear, on a quest for knowledge. Call it research for my novels; but either way, I expect that I will be a seiðrman soon.

The seiðr ritual was, as they are described in a number of  Scandinavian sagas, Saga of Erik the Red in particular, used by practitioners connected with the spiritual realm. Viking texts suggest that the seiðr ritual was used in times of inherent crisis, as a tool used in the process of seeing into the future, and for cursing and hexing one’s enemies. With that said, it could have been used for great good or destructive evil, as well as for daily guidance.


I choose great good.


5 responses to “Research is necessary. Seiðrman soon.

    • Seidr and runes are separate, yet runes can be used while practicing seidr. Freyja was the main goddess who practiced it, though she taught it to Odin (he was ridiculed for such, because it was thought to be a feminine practice of magic, though there were other males who practiced it). Anyway, seidr can be called trance magic, “seer” magic, or “going under the cloak” also. It could also be compared to the Native American practice of communicating with spirits in a smoke tent (though no drugs are involved). It is a also a type of astral travel while in a motion-induced trance (this is where “shape shifting” got its name), at which time dreams are entered in a conscious state, in order to influence, ask questions, or use the runes to cast whatever you wish. It is also where the term “nightmare” came from. For a seidr practitioner could enter the dream state of others while in the shape of a mare and do their bidding, whether dark or light. These are just a few of many interpretations, because the information is scarce throughout the ancient texts. I have gathered all the info possible to form a pretty good idea as to what it is and what it has been used for. Soon I will go under the cloak to continue my research 🙂


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