Down in ink

The Ladies of old have written my path; weaved the web of my fate. My story has lived in places of time … now listening is my state. Life. Peaceful or rough, whatever it is, I walk onward with a smile. For I know that my future is slated to be … mile after mile. Leave me here, or take me home, show me kindness, or leave me alone, nourish this body, or starve my bones, I will be forever free, knowing I’m being shown. Life. When this heart stops, and the cover it drops, the only thing left behind, will be the story of Erik and all his works, his goodness and faulty quirks. Ah, life it is so grand, such glory and sadness in fate. Now I will look across the land, put pen to paper and think: This is how my story is told … my thoughts down in ink….



3 responses to “Down in ink

  1. what a wonderful way to define your destiny within that fate…
    Take Care…You Matter…


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