I have to mention (my opinion, for what it’s worth)

I just have to mention this fact. Vikings never wore horned helmets like that ridiculous symbol on that football team’s uniform. In fact, I have to laugh at that every time I see it. Vikings never danced or pranced around either. The horned-helmet look that so many seem to think represent Vikings, was started because of a Shakespearean-era play on stage. Hmm, well, I guess football kinda got it right. They do seem like actors. Sorry, I’m not a fan of football and the overblown display of male ego. Nope, I believe the closest thing we have to modern day Viking warriors are in the NHL. Those of you who know the sport, know what I’m talking about. Most NHL players are quiet and polite, subdued, but pack a large sword, and know how to use it. Just sayin. Anyhoo, have a great weekend, I have a duel to watch.


20 responses to “I have to mention (my opinion, for what it’s worth)

  1. Hey Erik,

    While I am a big fan of the NFL (My SF 49ers in particular) I have to say I could NOT AGREE MORE with you regarding the NHL. I am a San Jose SHARKS fan (my home town) but am even more so a fan of the sport itself. Hockey, in my opinion, is the most beautiful and pure team sport on the planet. Steeped in rich tradition and colorful character, where being a good person is seemingly as important as being a phenomenal athlete. The speed, grace, coordination and especially toughness it takes to play at an elite level puts all other team sports to shame and it is (again in my opinion) the hardest professional sports championship to win. To have your name etched on Lord Stanley’s Cup is an honor befitting a true warrior. The only comparable athletes in my opinion are endurance athletes. Which aside from road cycling, are mostly individual endeavors. If I was to go back in time and needed to bring warriors with me into battle you can bet my entire army would consist of Hockey players and Iron Man triathletes. LOL. Thank you for this post. BTW, this is my favorite time of year. Hockey becomes even that much more intense and enjoyable during playoff time. GO SHARKS!!!


    • Now that’s a perfect explanation. And I completely agree with everything. Thanks for that. And by the way, yes, GO SHARKS! … for now πŸ™‚ You know how that goes. My team is in the same conference, and Patrick likes to play. Just sayin’ … all in good fun. May we both have a great playoff run.


      • Hmmm……Same conference huh? We may have the beginnings of a friendly rivalry it seems. LOL. Patrick? Unless you are a Blackhawks fan (Grrrr) and are referring to Patrick Kane, the only other Patrick I can think of with my Saturday morning brain right now is my all time favorite Shark Patty Marleau. I am curious to know who you are pulling for. Let me know. So glad we share a mutual appreciation for the best team sport on the planet. Have agreat weekend.


        • A friendly rivalry sounds good to me. I am NOT a Blackhawks fan! πŸ™‚ I thought I might stump you on that one πŸ™‚ The Patrick I’m referring to is a coach πŸ™‚ A hall-of-famer, with a hot head πŸ™‚


          • Ohhh Okay. A coach. You must be talking about the Av’s coach Patrick Roy? (and one of the best goaltenders in the history of the league, I say it is Patrick Roy and Martin Brodeur 1 and 2 all time)
            I don’t hate the Av’s. Would root for them in any series EXCEPT against My Sharks or My Bruins. I am a B’s fan as well. But because Colorado is the only other state I could see myself living in (for the fantastic mountain biking and road cycling) I find myself rooting for them at times.


          • Seems we have more in common that I thought. I used to race mountain bikes in California, and did long-distance training on road bikes. Both Cannondales. I’m from Europe so the Tour is a traditional way of life for me. Jan Ulirich was a favorite, though I have many. I have always been a huge fan of the Av’s because I lived there for a time. Patrick, and Peter and Joe were my trio of heros.


          • Awesome. I assume you mean Forsberg and Sakic? Great choices. Although they singlehandedly did away with my sharks a few times in the playoffs they were great players. Always great to meet another fellow cyclist. I got my cycling hobby kicked off by racing mountain bikes and also trained my endurance miles on the road. Which became a love of road cycling as well. I still find a mtn bike race or two a year to do as well as Time Trialing on the road. I am a huge fan of the “race of truth”. Hopefully this season will see me doing a duathlon(triathlon minus the swim in a run/bike/run format) or two as I have made running part of my training regimen.


          • Also I have to add that Jens Voigt is probably my favorite cyclist over all. The guys blue collar aggressive work ethic is second to none in the peloton. BTW I wrote a tribute to race day a while ago you might relate to. Entitled Race Day ( As ready as I’ll ever be) it is a tribute to Time Trialing. The pic is of me a few seasons ago racing for the local Road Racing Club I would be interested in your opinion. Give it a read if ya find the time.


          • I have a pic of me also, I’ll have to dig it out and share one of these days. I’ll go hunt up that post of yours also, I’m always interested in anything to do with my original passions like road cycling. I don’t do it anymore, but I will never forget it. I still ride on two wheels though. πŸ™‚


      • You’re welcome, but you may be correct abiout the Shakespeare but in modernity the blame for the horned Viking must be placed on Wagner’s production manager and prop masters I think. >KB


        • That’s good to know, thank you. And I do share that opinion. It’s funny to me how entertainment influences society, and I believe that all religions have also fallen victim to false information due to representations acted out by the entertainment industry.


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