Popcorn, iced tea, and three game sevens … I’m in heaven πŸ™‚


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  1. Popcorn – yummy, iced tea – never had it and NHL? (Trying to look clever but to tell the truth I googled it lol) have a lovely day (it’s evening here but I have no idea what time it is where you are)


    Sal xx


  2. Erik, I give you this poem to give if you so desire to your lover. >KB

    Our Living

    For, Erik

    It is not awards or watches of gold
    That redeem the lives we live
    But such things as come to us we find
    A feather, figurine in a shop
    Or some stone earth ages old that when
    We are set forward in years
    Are the things that we see as being
    Those that really meant our living
    And the times we lived through them.

    Imagine your past sterilized and clean
    Order to your imagination squared
    In a circular form without corners
    To be seen anywhere but the floor
    And the wall on which nothing hangs,
    Clean and white, virginal, pristine;
    A cathedral to a holiness of extremes
    Where nothing is in its place because
    There is nothing and no places to put it.

    We wait to grow taller, we wait to grow
    Older, day by day we count them off
    And still they do not pass fast enough
    To suit us so we rush headlong into time
    Doing this and doing that not noticing
    This or that until we are exhausted
    With nothing to ease our minds left
    To us in the way of sentimentalities,
    Wonder what has become of waiting.

    Take the time to leave the dust sometimes
    Where it lays, not bothering anyone
    In doing what it does, errant ticket stubs
    Put in cigar boxes next to bent nails,
    Old torn scraps of wallpaper designs
    From houses long abandoned but not
    By you, when younger they were caves
    And piles of dirt, mountains to climb
    To be king of the hill and win the day
    Save for the stone you kept in your shoe.

    It is all so simple a thing to do, keeping
    All the parts of your life so someday
    You can say, β€œHere, I give you this.
    The first thing of value from my life
    A pebble I walked on all day at a time
    When as a King you would have been
    My Queen.


    • Oh my, that is absolutely gorgeous–the lyrical verse; the story … and most of all: the ending is emotion-inducing magic. That’s the only word I can use to describe this. Thanks so much, KB. I’m definitely keeping this.



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