Hoarding moments to share

I’m a collector; a hoarder at times. I can’t help it. But I have been preparing for my waning years, during which I will have a mind full of gleaming memories of laughter to reminisce a life that was not wasted; a life that left traces of time in smile-creases on my face; wrinkles around the eyes. I shall be an old man talking of the magical moments that flitted about the forest of my time … and the young shall listen with a smirk to this crazy old man with the wrinkles and gleaming eyes. This man that hoarded every little morsel of life; all the moments of chuckling, giggling and side-splitting laughter, and wrote fictional romantic tales to share such laughter with the ears of those who crave.  Yes, I am a collector, filling my pail with magic to share. In fact, there was once a young man; a youthful wandering buck with one thing on his mind, and one day … well, that’s a story for another time….

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11 responses to “Hoarding moments to share

  1. It is not awards or watches of gold that redeem the lives we live
    But such things as come to us we find a feather, figurine in a shop
    Or some stone earth ages old that when we are set forward in years
    Are the things that we see as being those that really meant our living.



  2. But what will you do with that filled pail? I truly believe every day we add something new to our lives but we also have to let or give something away. I too have collected a drawer full of memories, and I hope the stories I have shared with those who know me will live on and become memories that continue to live, long after I am gone.


      • Age does give you such a different perspective. I would love to read about your stories. If you get a chance you should check out Billy Crystals HBO special 700 Sunday’s. He is a great story teller who would have me laughing and crying just moments apart.


        • Thank you, I appreciate the interest. And I guess that my stories are constantly being shared, both here and in my novels. And you’re absolutely right about Billy: He is one of the greatest, a man with a childlike outlook, the best kind.


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