liked or not … it doesn’t matter …

Even though a person may be kind and polite, there are people who go through life experiencing the uncomfortable feeling that they are not liked by others. This is a strange phenomena, one I have experienced many times over the years. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter. We are all on a unique path of our own, one which does not require acceptance from others in order to move forward through the forest of souls. Therefore, in order to deal with such circumstances, I have developed a metaphorical shield of sorts. See, it does not matter whether people like you. You are here to live with strength and gratitude for the gift of life bestowed upon you by unknown forces. You are here to build a productive and joyful life. You are here to guard your own. Beauty can be seen in the light that glints from a steel sword. You are forged. You are a powerful force of nature. Steel does not need to be liked. Steel has a steadfast purpose. So I live quietly … at times with a sharp gaze that might intimidate some … while a silent purpose lives behind my eyes. For I need not be accepted … and I have no time for sadness on this mission of love.



14 responses to “liked or not … it doesn’t matter …

  1. This… I need this on my mirror with all the other encouraging, positive quotes that pick me up when my mind is full of dark thoughts and doubts. Erik you are a wise man and I’m fortunate to be able to call you my friend
    Sal xx


    • Thanks, Sal, that’s so kind of you to say. And these type of things are written on a dry-erase board in my office 🙂 I appreciate the understanding from such a friend as you. Love.

      Erik xx


  2. It’s funny, I’ve looked for approval but over the years have realised that’s putting others opinions above your own. I think some of us default easily to thinking other people have their act together, but they’re just floundering on their own journeys too. Thanks for thought provoking post.


    • You make a couple of great points, Susan. And I completely agree. I believe that when we realize this, things begin to become less of a struggle, and we are no longer concerned about others’ opinions. I’m glad you like this, and I have to thank you also for the addition. Have a great weekend.


      • ‘Start out as you mean to finish’.
        ‘Fake it till you make it’.
        I like these sayings, and I think they also reflect what you are saying.
        I hope you have a great weekend, too!!


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