Amber hooked me … (an excerpt from a favorite book)

“She sat up slowly, looked in turn at each of us, and her dark eyes were like twin entrances to two deep caves. Nothing lived in those caves. Maybe something had, once upon a time. There were piles of picked bones back in there, some scribbling on the walls, and some grey ash where the fires had been….”

[That was the life-changing paragraph.]

I remember when I became enamored with reading, which then eventually lead to a burning desire to write. It happened way back when, and the novel I was reading captured me, then turned my life in a new direction. It was defining moment of my life, a moment when I stopped, set the novel to my lap and said, “I have to write.” Consequently, I then purchased every novel by that author (over 70) and devoured every one, and I am still rereading them. To this day, he still remains my favorite. That author changed my life, and I thank John D MacDonald. Yes, Darker Than Amber grasped my young mind, and started it all.

th (1)

Thanks John
Erik S. Lehman


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