The fate of man. Poetic heels and a good day …

She had the tools of the finer gender. Yes, she came equipped to a destroy a man’s will, without self-awareness of what she possessed. Yet I was aware. Any male in her immediate vicinity became aware, nerves tightening over an instinctual feeling of primal purpose. Only the brave can face that fight or flight warning coming from the deepest parts of the man-brain. Only the brave have the ability to ignore the warning, open his mouth and manage a simple, “Hello, Miss, sure is a nice day,” or some such thing.

So there she was, clickin’ her heels across the street, equipped to kill and using those mile-high lioness legs wrapped in blue denim to move in my direction. I watched her, and the bear in my mind gave a great Mwoof from his snout.

On my side of the street, she stopped to hitch her purse higher on her bloused shoulder, looked down the sidewalk in each direction as though a bit lost. I took a few steps forward, and said, “Hello, Miss. Sure is a nice day today. You seem like you might like a cup of coffee.”

Framed by twin curtains of glossy chocolate hair, her somewhat surprised green eyes looked up at me from her five-foot-something height, thinking going on behind them, her pink girl-lips twisted up in some sort of defensive gesture, as though she was trying to remember the last time a man had the balls to talk to her. After a bit more measuring of me with those green gems, she habitually hitched up her purse strap once again, and said at last, “Well, I could use a cup of coffee.” A hidden warning flashed under those quirked pink lips. “But don’t get your hopes too high.”

I used a smirk to hide my thoughts: Ah, little lady. I have no hopes. All I ask for is coffee and the company of a beautiful creature. Such is the fate of Man. Then my mouth decided to say, “I would say you can trust me, but you’ve heard that before. So why don’t we take a walk, sit, sip, and let me earn your trust. I know a perfect place for coffee. It’s right down the street.”

Still carrying an air of caution along with her, she walked beside me, those poetic heels makin’ music on the sidewalk. Yep, it would be a good day. That’s all I could ask for….


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