No Pity On The Air….

“It is human nature to live with imagined hardships. We feel sorrow for ourselves at times when things don’t go our way. Why? Because we want more–that seems to be the nature of the beast called modern society. Life that way can get you face-down until you drown in a shallow pool of self-pity. Depression? What about all those men and women that died alone in a jungle or desert, on their backs, eyes wide and staring at the fading milk of the sky as their life-blood drained to the dirt for last time. Alone. What do you think they would give for a chance at your life? No. I shall never feel self-pity. I live for them; the ones who never got a chance. Everything is petty but freedom. Freedom, my friends, it’s in the wind … and there is no pity on the air. So I fly….”

Fly2–Forever Meaghan



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