Time to face the unknown

The lifestyle. Many dream about it. Even more talk and flex and pose, without doing a single thing about it. Days go by, one after the other, in a semblance of comfortable normality. We watch Hollywood stories about the free, we get all pumped up and a bit wistful, we talk, write, and continue to dream. No more of that for me. This writer is ready to take a chance, live, travel to research the story. It’s easy to create a fictional world, but it’s much more difficult to make it believable. Well, I lived it once, and this man has done enough talking. It’s time I supported the words, time I walked to the edge of the cliff and looked into the unknown, time I threw a leather-clad leg over the Harley, and hit the road to live the story, to see what this universe has planned for me. I’ll be seein’ the National Parks, maybe cookin’ at some resorts. Maybe I’ll drift across the Midwest, come across a shop and fix bikes for a bit, or possibly … Well, there is no limit to creative mind when the reins are let go. I’m preparing to let those reins go in a few weeks.

If I don’t make it back here, well, my friends, it was quite a ride, this life thing, and know this: I went out with a smile, and it’s been fun knowin’  you all. Maybe I’ll be seein’ a few of you up in Valhalla one day, and we’ll raise a horn and talk about our journeys, talk about things we’ve written with human minds and hands. Maybe I was always doomed to be a writer. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Whether living in abundance or scrabbling for sustenance, it was all lived in faith.  I was a quiet man, a man with a soft smile for all, a man with a long fuse, yet could take care of himself if provoked, and protect those that couldn’t protect themselves.

However, if I survive this chapter … oh, what a story will be told. Someday (if I’m still kickin’), I’ll find a place to settle, in front of a typewriter perched before a picture window. Mmm, that’d be nice. Anyway, I’m rambling again. I’ll just finish with this: Please, if you can find it inside you, do not judge my choices in life, for I weighed them all before I made them, and I don’t regret a single one, for I believe they were destined. I’ll be here for the remainder of this month (working on Ebay and the blog), then I’ll be back here as often as is possible. I’m not sure when that will be. I suspect as soon as I find some WiFi, I’ll pop in, share some pics and say hello. Until then, listen to the wind, ’cause that’s what I’m ridin’, and you might hear my engine growling over the distant horizon. Peace to all.



(Cooper Thaine)


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