A controversial subject I find interesting. No offense intended.

I find it interesting that Thor sacrificed himself to the serpent, which saved earth. He killed the serpent before dying himself. Thor’s sign is the Hammer, which is demonstrated by the Hammer ritual in dedication and the request of protection from Thor, the guardian of earth. Below is the ritual, which is thousands of years old. You make a fist near the forehead, move down to the heart, then to left chest, then to right chest, and this can also represent the triple form of Odin (Odin, Ville and Ve), Thor’s father. The sprinkling of water on the forehead was also used to purify and connect the person to those up high. Hmm, those sound familiar; and again, these ancient beliefs are proved to be many thousands of years old, before … Anyway, I find this interesting. No offense intended. I shall speak my mind.



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