TH-rune, and the Responsibility of a Runic Sniper

Before I go into this, I will just say that using the runes holds a moral responsibility that should NOT be taken lightly, for the true vitki is a trained master of mystery, and the power available is immense. That said, I would like to explain what I mean by the term “runic sniper“, and the tools of the vitki. First, let me use an excerpt from Edred Thorsson:

Thurisaz is the directed cosmic force of destruction and defense. It is the archetypal instinctual will, without self-consciousness. The TH-rune is a symbol of lightning and thunder and is equated with Mjollnir, the hammer of Thor. … Just as a the thorn protects the rose, so too does Mjollnir protect Midgard (Earth) and Asgard.

The TH-rune is the container of the life-death polarity. It is the ultimate power to assimilate potential energy of two extremes of kinetic energy into a pattern of action.

[I call this the barrel].

Thurisaz is the PROJECTABLE  form of applied power. Generally, this may work as a limitation and direction of various energy-form binary pairs found throughout the rune row. That is, any rune that is essentially energetic may be combined with any rune that has primarily paradigmatic characteristics by the TH-rune force and directed in a real way. The TH-rune breaks down barriers and fecundates so that new beginnings may be made. It is the cosmic phallic power.

Defense (active)
Destruction of enemies.
Awakening of the will to action.
Preparedness for generation in all realms.
Love magic.
Knowledge of the division and unity of all things.

Now, as I mentioned, this should not be taken lightly, and morality should always be first. In comparison I will say that professionals study all the angles and variables (as a sniper would), and form a conclusion based on responsibility and morality. Many people play around with the runes, and see no results. That is a good thing. For you wouldn’t want a gun with such power in the hands of the immature of mind. My experience is decades deep. Those who do not understand only grin to hide the silent laughter. This is fine–the vitki can stay hidden in the jungle. I am a trained runic sniper, with a thousand-yard gaze, who holds responsibility and morality in high regard. TH is the trigger, while the FUTHARK is the magazine. For now, Midgard is where I hang my hat in silence. I will never mention this subject again, for it simply invites ridicule to test my resolve. Thank you.



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