Life is sexy in my family …

I have a family around the world, and they welcome all with open arms and smiles. The people are special, men and women, every beautiful size and shape, every color, whether skin or ink, and there is no judgment to be found. Love is abound. Life on earth should be  a merry time. You see, I’m a Harley rider, and proud of it. Hundreds of my family members will be having a get together at the local Harley dealer called “Paradise”, with a barrel-roasted pig and laughter to share. We are a free bunch. We are kinfolk of the wind. So many blood relatives these days cast judgment upon their blood relatives, which often creates strife and a dysfunctional existence. I do not belong to such a clan. Yes, I love my family, and all their unique quirks. Our rules are based on morality, self-expression and personal preference, not forced upon us by society. And my motto is: Life is sexy,  ride it with a smile. 



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