Life: Worthy of Its Worth

There are those living under a guise of light
Unknowingly bearing a white cloak
That veils judgmental smoke

Genuine smiles for their own
Others are gifted
With grins of stone
If never they would
Join the only way home

Shameful they cannot be
For their nature of being ignores
Any others plea


No matter is worth
The fretting of Truth
When Truth is just to Be
And a saving is simply to see
That all Life’s children are free
For Life is the Shining Deity
Who gave body and breath
Among the Tree
And blessed a heart to thee
A sun to warm the earth
To urge the moon to luminous birth
To create time
Born again
Endlessly around its girth

Life has gifted us all
Not only those who believe themselves
Worthy of Its worth…




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