The Runes in You

You want to know the meanings of each rune? Look inside, because nobody knows but You. Humans are full of scholarly opinions, all that differ. Books tell the meanings of runes from the viewpoint of that particular author. I for one do not trust the word of fallible humans, as innocent as their objective to spread knowledge is. Runes were before us, and from whence we came. They are language of the multiverse, from creation to end, and back again. They do not belong to a certain faith; they apply to all–Humans invented our various faiths. Each of us have runic materials inside us, and like fingerprints they differ, yet are the same. So I will say again: If you want to know the meanings and significance of runes and the magick contained in the mulitverse, look inside yourself, not in books, for you ARE the runes. Meditate. Ask your Self. Why should you ask another human who you are? They only tell us who they are.


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