Sacrifice for knowledge of runes

Erik S. Lehman

We can purchase books about runes. We can study the many pages that flood the internet. And yet, know this–runes are a secret language. Only the vain and disillusioned could think that language could be revealed in its entirety by mere book study. One cannot learn such a personal language or the specific meanings that apply to individual paths, in hours, or days, or months of book study. No. Runes are a lifestyle, a pathway of inner discovery that stretches for a lifetime … and even then they may not be fully understood. Knowledge requires sacrifice of time, so much time in silence and workings. Books are merely a start, a seed to open the veil so that we may peek in through and make the decision whether we want to delve deeper into the mystery that so few truly know. Odin sacrificed an eye for knowledge. Many others have…

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