The Horn Sounds (a final rant).

For decades I have endured ridicule and sidelong sneers. For decades I have remained peaceful and compliant. I have traveled so much, hoping for acceptance. Everywhere I have lived became the same once residents learned of my faith. Long ago I accepted that I live in a christian world, whether I want to or not. They have pushed, and pushed, and pushed the buttons, showing a two-faced false glow, then secretly persecuting those who do not join. Recently, a neighbor found it necessary to drain the brake fluid from my truck; I had to stay up at night to witness this because I suspected something was going to happen. Everyday I watch them walk by my Harley, real closely, as if they are going to kick it over (Huge mistake), only pulling a leg back at the last second. Then they grin back at my home. For decades they have taunted. For decades we slept, patiently waiting for the persecution to end. I am no longer asleep. I have always been a peaceful man of love, and yet the metaphorical torches still burn outside my window. In the olden days they preached “Peace, Love … or we’ll torture and kill you.” It hasn’t changed that much, only reverted to a more legal approach. Well, decades have taken a toll on my quiet resolve. They forced the hand. So now the Gjallarhorn blows for all brothers and sisters to hear a call for the time. There will be no swords and bloodshed, for this is of the mind. The winds will churn in dreams. They started it, the so-called “meek” with passive-aggressive behavior of the weak, pushing us into a corner like animals. No more. You may not like or even follow this blog after this. My apologies but I must do what I must. The sticky post at the top of the page will remain the same, because my views have not changed. But I will never lay down my sword. I have work to do. The horn sounds for brothers and sisters:


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