Thought I’d tingle today :) (just for fun)

You know, I was feeling a bit of testosterone surging this morning, so I went ahead and gave that growling screech maneuver on my bike a try (see beginning of the Knight post video below, then come back to read this). Now, I knew my bike had cojones, but now, well, lemmie tell ya, oh, baby, she liked that, grumbling for a long hard ride. And I was tinglin’ from my toes to jewels and back again. Yepper, there ain’t nothin’ like a quick Gr-Gr-Gruum … reeech! … ru-REEECH! … then blowin’ outta there with grit teeth like I’m on fire. So that got me thinkin’. I do believe that my steed and I are in some sort of twisted love affair, and I can’t quite figure out who’s the Dom. Well, I’ll guess we’ll just have to take turns. See ya … gotta get my tingle on 🙂



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