Blessed Be is part of the new times … (my opinion)

Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, and if it conflicts with yours, please understand that this blog is where I speak my mind, and I am not afraid of ridicule. So here goes:

Ancestral blood of the Viking culture runs deep in the United States; the discovery of the ship (see previous post) is just the beginning. In time, many will begin to understand their heritage a bit better, and it will be proved over the next few years, mark these words. Which to me means that the Norse gods/goddesses will also begin to enter the picture once again (which fills me with joy). Asatru is not an earth-based religion, but I do believe that Wicca belongs to this grouping as well, since similar subject matter is discussed in many Norse Sagas. All I can say to the ones who have lived and practiced their beliefs quietly behind doors, Blessed Be the turn of times, for the family wheel is coming full circle once again. Be not afraid of our persecutors; stand strong in your faith, for the waxing moonlit skies are smiling down upon us, the fearless explorers of universal magic that always was….



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