A few lesser-known goddesses (more to come in a new category)

Hlin: She guards those whom Frigg is desirous of freeing from peril.

Siofn: She inclines the mind of both sexes to love: from her name a lover is called siafni.

Lofn: She is kind and good to those that invoke her: She has permission from All-father or Frigg to unite those who love each other, whatever hindrances or difficulties may stand in the way. From her name is derived the word lof (love, praise), because she is greatly praised by men, as is communicated “Ég lofn þig. or I love you.”

Vor: She hears the oaths and vows of lovers, and punishes those who break them. She is wise and hears of everything, so that nothing can be hidden from her.

Snotra: She is sagacious and of elegant manners. From her name a man or woman of sagacity is said to be snotr.

Earth: She is the mother of Thor.



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