Modern misunderstanding about “Vikings”

Viking was a verb used to describe a temporary lifestyle. Therefore, all Vikings were Norse, but not all Norsemen were Vikings. The vast majority were farmers, craftsmen and traders. Yes, the seafaring Viking raids were indeed very violent, but it was a violent age, and many other non-Viking peoples were no less bloodthirsty and barbarian (that is all I will say about that). The Vikings settled peacefully in many places such as Iceland and Greenland, as explorers they crossed the Atlantic and reached America 500 years before Columbus. As international merchants of their time, they also peacefully traded with almost every country of the then known world. They were very family oriented, protecting and loving deeply. Also, nowadays the Vikings are portrayed as dirty, savage men and women, but in reality, the Vikings were quite vain about their appearance. In fact, combs, and multitudes of other grooming items are among some of the most frequent artifacts from Viking Age excavations. Vikings also had a reputation for excessive cleanliness because of their custom of bathing often. Oh, and one last one that gets under my skin a bit: There are absolutely no records of Vikings wearing horned helmets, no proof of this farce has ever existed. Some respected scholars give an explanation for the helmet with horns myth by stating that Christians in contemporary Europe added the detail to make the Vikings look even more barbarian and pagan, with horns like Satan’s on their head. Alrighty then, children and their games.

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