Okay, one more: I do not understand the fear of fate

I still do not understand the term “god-fearing”. That doesn’t sound peaceful; like walking through life on eggshells, fearing your own fallible mind, for that is where everything we know of lives. What a stressful life that leads to, and so much wasted, precious time. Fearing anything seems to me so unfruitful. What’s to fear? Fear infuses those who have come to believe that a vengeful deity will torture the children in a fiery place. Seriously? And those that perish here (in natural disasters, or the many other ways), were not “taken out” by anything in spite or punishment. That’s just the way it goes. Things die. Things live. In our modern times, even pharmaceutical and marketing companies bombard the airways just to profit from those terror-stricken over something we cannot avoid: death. So many try to fight a battle with an unconquerable “enemy”: Time. Now anxiety attacks are rampant, and the world is flooded with what seems to be a hypochondriac syndrome. Death happens, why worry about it to the point where every little thing startles the body into phantasmal symptoms? Personally, I’m not falling for the propaganda; I’ll go out grateful and content, hopefully with a smile 🙂

Now, back to the “god-fearing” complex: My gods/goddesses are family, which I do not fear, for They understand that we are simply human, with faults, and They love us, as we respect Them and Their ways. Will I go to a place some call “Hell”? Possibly. But that version was “created” for the purpose of … wait for it … fear, once again. In the place that I believe, the Goddess Hella (Hmm, I wonder where “they” got the name of the place?) decides the fate of all the people who have died from sickness and old age. Helheim (Hel-home), is not the hell-world where the sins of man are punished. Instead it represents the different stages the soul goes through after death. It was here that the ancestors resided in village like settings. Seers and shamans would journey to these realms to consult with them. Now, again I ask, will I go to Hel(heim)? Possibly. And I will sit down with Hella and lift a horn to my lifetime. We will drink and reminisce, and then She will direct me to the dirt path that leads to the worlds of light, and I will mount my steed for the next journey with a pack of memories on my back. Then I will nudge and “hah!” the horse, and be on my way through the forest to meet and talk to my lovely sister, Freyja, and Family once again, for my life here was dedicated to Them. Crazy, right? Well, whether fictional or not (but isn’t it all simply based on unproved faith?) this is my, and my ancestors’, peaceful outlook and beliefs.

In closing I will just say that there is no reason to fear. In fact, fear is one thing to be challenged, for fear comes from darkness, which propagates an unnatural clinging to this flesh body…. Anyway, thanks for listening to this opinionated man, and don’t mind me, I’m just typin’ 🙂

No fear, for fate is what fate is.

Life: Choose Love … Not Fear:


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