You. Are …

Since the beginning we have looked upward and outside ourselves for answers; religion, pills, etc. etc. No matter the faith, there is one thing we all have in common: DNA, though it is uniquely different in each one of us. So I ponder. Maybe we should look inside to worship our own design. Maybe we should meditate deeply, communicate with our cells that work so hard for us without our acknowledgment. Speak to them, for you are their god/goddess. They will listen to you. They will do your bidding, repairing, maintaining, and yes, enhancing the world they live in: You. You’d be surprised what changes are possible when you worship within. Go into silence. Get to know your world. And let your DNA work for you, the god or goddess of your divine body. This is not a simple route or quick fix; it takes dedication, hours upon hours of dedication, but you will find out that once the key unlocks the door … the magic of your faithful cells wait within, waiting to hear the voice of their divine host: You. Are. As Above … So Below….



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