Respect, and I’m not afraid to say it (a bit of a rant)

To write a novel is to get inside the heads of the characters, and stay there for however long it takes to complete the story (sometimes years). So just the fact that an author completed a novel earns my utmost respect. I do not understand why there are those people who have never completed a full length novel, stick up their nose at any book. The least they should do is complete a story before they run their mouth, and even after that I still do not believe it is very mature. That said, the subject matter of one of my novels is about characters that follow a love/passion/sex goddess. So I wrote in the minds of my characters, and I’ve been told that the story is so “real” the characters seem to be alive. Let me tell ya, it is a lot more tame than what goes through the average persons mind, and yet I am told that some of the sex in the book was too much, dialogue and action too real. Huh? That surprises me. “How often does sex go through your mind?” I asked. And received an answer of “Oh, well, um, huh … that’s beside the point.” Um, no, it’s not. First, out of over 400 pages, there are exactly three sex scenes. Three! Yes, sexual tension did build throughout the book (that’s the job of a writer), due to the mindset of the characters. The book was about love, that is absolutely, 100% obvious, and it is labeled with a warning of “erotic content”. I can’t help it if the reader is afraid of real words. Now I say to the reader that does not respect the work it takes to fashion a story, send me the book back and I’ll refund your money. Oh, wait, that’s right. You got it free. I spent the money and sent it to you. I am now removing my “contact me” page. In fact, I’ve just about had enough of the disrespectful. I’m ready to live a peaceful life of passion, without the headaches.  I’m ready to spend more time slowly licking sweet nectar from a nice, shiny pink and hot…. Mmmm. Oh, yessir, I love it, and I’m not afraid to say it. See ya.


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